Americans don’t all seem to agree on much these days. From politics and the credibility of news outlets, to the influence and effects of social media on the electorate and the basic tenets of science, some say society hasn’t been this contentious in a generation. Is there one thing we can all agree on that won’t end in a nasty Facebook thread, an inappropriate Tweet or a recount?

Here at Vintage Industrial, we see the silver lining in the cloud that has enveloped the country in acrimony. It’s something as simple as choosing where we eat Thanksgiving dinner. Not the physical location; whether it’s uncle Phil’s 13,000 square-foot mansion, aunt Marie’s cozy condo in the city, or cousin Sophia’s starter home in the country she shares with her new bride, the location doesn’t matter as much as the table on which you choose to lay out your Thanksgiving dinner spread. We offer a bountiful selection of one-of-a-kind dining tables that provide you and your guests a spacious, modern location where you probably won’t all agree on the latest news out of Washington, but you will agree that choosing a dining table from Vintage Industrial is the ultimate compliment to your oven-roasted turkey and dressing. Our tables are designed to be functional pieces of art and the quintessential component to a fabulous meal. Whether you choose the Hure Dining Table or Bronx Crank Table (allowing you to crank up the table and not the volume on family disputes this Thanksgiving) a dining table from Vintage Industrial will serve as the ultimate centerpiece to this year’s Thanksgiving feast.

Contact us to learn more about how we can customize the perfect dining room table for you, and Happy Thanksgiving!