Custom Design

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Flexible Design

Our pieces can be tailored to suit your needs


Custom Workstations

Bringing our sense of balance, function, and
manufacturing into our client's everyday world


Design + Details

Our original design + unparalleled finishing sets us apart


You Dream It, We'll Build It

Watch it come to life!



Our design team can model your idea to
show what it'll look like before it's built


America has a long history of skilled craftsmen and innovative manufacturing.  In a post industrial era, that is often formless, virtual and disposable, our designs evoke a nostalgic feeling of a time that once was.  Industrial furniture is our connection to those who came before, giving us a sense of our heritage, and a symbol of our continuity.

Creativity has no boundaries. It is the discovery of one’s self and the highest expression of our soul. You’ll find that in everything we create at Vintage Industrial.

Our philosophy stands true in our line of products, in custom design, and pushing the design envelope. Whether it’s a one-of or a set, we are here to help you with your project needs.

Feel free to contact us to inquire about details and pricing.