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We recently added a review feature to all of our products in order to help shoppers make an informed decision. You can find these on each product page under the review tab. We strive to exceed customer expectations and welcome suggestions and constructive criticisms. We’ve had our share of mistakes along the way, but have used these as an opportunity to improve the product, process, and customer experience. So check out the product page reviews, and read some of them below. Our best salespeople are our customers. By the way, we also have a 5 star rating on Yelp, Etsy, and a 100% rating on Ebay.

We needed an industrial conference room table for our technology firm. After searching extensively online, we came across Vintage Industrial. As any non-plywood conference table is very expensive, we were pleased to see the value and quality that we received from our Vintage I Beam conference table. The quality far exceeded our expectations. We were located in Pennsylvania and Vintage was located in Arizona, so we had to go on pictures and faith. As I mentioned, we were NOT disappointed at all. This table would have cost double at one of those large “restoration” furniture stores and would have been far less quality. We were so impressed with our purchase, we bought a second table, this time only the 20 foot version. Once again, the table exceeded our expectations. Almost without fail, we received compliments on our table during every meeting. I can’t thank Vintage Industrial enough for the impact that these tables have made. One just cannot find unique quality such as this….

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When designing the law firm the two tables we immediately gravitated to (not just at Vintage Industrial, but from a world wide search for “cool” industrial office furniture) were the Crank Tables. We bought two: (1) for the main conference room and the key focal point of our offices; and (2) my office. Both provide exactly what was needed in setting the tone and design of the offices as a whole. Unlike other law firms, that place polite placards on their conference tables that say “Please don’t Put Your Briefcase on Table”–we brag that our table is indestructible and bullet-proof. It sets the right tone for our litigation boutique. Both crank tables get a tremendous amount of attention and questions from all visitors. The build quality is unparalleled and the designs are unique and cool.

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When we opened Proof Canteen in 2012 at the Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale, we knew we needed unique furnishings that would display our industrial railroad concept – and these tables truly fit the bill. We started with two, and then quickly added a third as the ability to move them along our railroad tracks to make extra long tables or move them up and down depending on guest preferences made them a hit. They are beautifully constructed, durable and are consistently the biggest conversation piece in our restaurant. Thank you Vintage Industrial for being such a pleasure to work with and for embodying everything we could have asked for in a dining table!


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I found this company by accident, I loved their pieces even before I even knew they were a local company. The process is fantastic, they keep you involved every step of the way. You can make each piece EXACTLY what you want it to be. The cool unique product and process makes you feel very special. The finished piece was just as beautiful as I thought it would be! It took about 5 weeks and was well worth the wait. I can’t wait to order my next piece in the fall!


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I am very happy I stumbled upon the website for Greg Hankerson & Vintage Industrial, LLC. I love the piece Greg did for my New York apartment and I recommend him to anyone for his craftsmanship.

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When the style we selected for our law firm was still in its infancy, we knew that Vintage Industrial furniture would serve as the stylistic anchor and send the “right” message, that we are a hard-working, roll-up-our-sleeves, litigation firm. The Hure table is the center piece to our breakroom, which is in the center of the office space and designed as the gathering place for all attorneys and staff. It works perfect and looks great.

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Wes Kroninger Photography (

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As a designer I have the opportunity to work with many furniture suppliers, wholesalers and custom fabricators. Vintage Industrial has been an absolute pleasure to work with from the initial stages of the project to its’ completion. Knowledgeable, efficient and courteous service combined with attention to detail and pride in their product ensures that they are in a class of their own. The quality and aesthetic appeal of their designs is second to none – I look forward to working with them on future projects!

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Our custom made Hure is 4′ by 10′ with a steel top, so we have plenty of space for family and friends. The design is exactly what we wanted for our new home. The top is toddler proof and so easy to clean… it’s not often you can get a new table and not worry with smaller kids sitting at it. We love it!

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It is obvious you guys take pride in your work – I am perfectly happy with my new bronx table base – it is better built and better finished than I hoped for – great job! Have had alot of very positive comments and the table is still in its wrapper in my shop – Will be ordering other products – thanks again!

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Hi Greg. I just got my Ellis console and I am very impressed! I’ve been furnishing this house for a few months now and, being picky, I usually have to settle for “close enough”. The piece you made is absolutely spot-on, exactly as I ordered and with the just the right amount of factory-look patina. There was a paper tag on it listing Heath as the craftsman – please pass my compliments along to him. I’ll be in contact soon regarding the side table I mentioned, and I also think I’ll be ordering my dining room items from you as well. Thanks for everything and I look forward to doing business with you again. Larry