Sim Hankerson

Co-Owner and CEO

Sim brings the intuitive nurturing component to Vintage. She's responsible for employee moral, design direction, company welfare, and occasionally, ass whooping.

Greg Hankerson


Greg is head of product / website design, marketing, and coupon clipping. He's driven to find niches, create things people love, and save the planet. He also has a love for potato chips.


Office Manager

Kris heads our admin department. He's a computer science and bookkeeper kind of guy with aspirations of being a creative. So he's moving to our marketing department.


Production Manager

Jeff is an artistic, humorous, and kind man with many talents. Not only does he create the wood table tops for Vintage Industrial, but he also creates custom guitars in his spare time. He loves “everything” about his job, “ you can’t narrow it down to one thing, it’s everything as a whole.”



Elijah is our lead fabricator and he's an artist. “It’s fulfilling to work on our pieces from start to finish, it’s not an assembly line, it gives us the sense of designing it.”


Jack of All Trades

Eric is the guy we go to when anything needs to be fixed. He's a mechanic by trade, and loves to learn how things work. Eric has worked almost every position in the shop, and is now learning the CNC machine.


CAD & Fabrication Lead

David has a heart of gold, and is a master fabricator.


Project Manager

Jim has the daunting responsibility for shipping large and very heavy items everyday. He enjoys the people he works with, how generous Sim and Greg are, and the atmosphere they created at Vintage Industrial. “Being family orientated is very important to them. When you are down, family and friends pick you up, it’s the same in our workplace. If it’s a bad day or even if you’re just needing help, we help each other out with our tasks, even if it’s not our job.”



Brent started in fabrication and quickly became our head prototyper. After two years he asked the universe for more. That same day the owners offered him a position in sales. Soon Brent will be managing that department.



We are ALWAYS looking for Rockstars to take us to the next level. Could that be you?