Our solid wood table tops are carefully built by master wood craftsmen.  We do not use veneers or cores of less expensive materials, unless specified by that design.  Our tops are solid and authentic and are a loyal testament to the traditional craftsmanship and production values of days gone by.  The reclaimed boxcar wood varies in thick from 1.25″ to 1.5″. Please see our top material selections below:

Premium Woods

Dark Reclaimed Boxcar Oak – butcher block style, used as train car flooring originally, extremely durable, varying color

Light Reclaimed Boxcar Oak – butcher block style, used as train car flooring originally, extremely durable, varying color

Light Walnut – beautiful tight grain, medium brown finish

Mahogany – reddish brown tones that darken over time

Cherry – reddish brown with a golden luster, fine grain

WildWood Top

Our custom live edge top available in any size and various wood species.

Mid Priced Woods


Lower Priced Woods

We are now offering veneer tops which run about half the cost of our premium tops. They will look more exquisite than our premium tops with book matched grain, but don’t quite have the durability. Mahogany and Oak coming soon…

Steel Finishes

Natural Steel – This finish is just the raw steel which is cleaned and clear coated. It shows more of the natural imperfections in the steel.

Curious Cabinet 5 10 foot Crank Table 42 Hostess Stand 4

Black Patina – A more uniform finish, darker than Natural.

Steel Crank Table Mahogany Hure table with rivets 3

Marbled Patina – The top on this Bronx has a special Marbled Patina. The process has more texture with a marbled effect. The second and third picture are in sunlight so the effect is more pronounced.

Black Bronx 2  Marbled Patina 2Marbled Patina 3

Aged Paint – In addition to steel finishes, we can add an Aged Paint to any design in any color.

Hill Bronx Red Slide Aged Red Conference Table 6 Orange Crank Table


New Paint – Change the look of any of our designs with your favorite color.

Glossy Hure Double Barrel Glossy Crank Double Barrel

Chrome – Plating services available too.

Chrome Hure Crank with Glass 2 Chrome Hure Desk 5

Top Trim Options

Our 3 standard trim options for wood tops are Bolted Corners, Riveted Edge, and Wood Edge. The metal trim was traditionally used to protect the wood edge from damage. The bolted corners add an extra layer to that.

Bolted Corner Trim Riveted Edge Trim Wood Edge Trim

Riveted Edge can be Top Mount or Under Mount. Top Mount means the frame is flush with the wood on the top. The Under Mount has riveted frame on the side and under the wood. We use angle iron for both frames, which is in the shape of an “L”.

Boxcar-I-Beam-Conference-concrete-floor 1900 16-foot-Walnut-Hure-5

Our 2 standard trim options for steel tops are Bolted Corners & Riveted Edge. The Riveted Edge can have optional Bolted Corners.

12 foot Natural Hure 2 WWE-4