Earn your share of the profitable business travel market with an investment in high-end conference room tables for your hotel. Americans conduct an impressive amount of business while on the road – in fact, almost half a billion business trips were taken last year and in the past decade, the number of trips taken annually has increased by almost 40-percent.   

Vintage Industrial wants your property to be the go-to venue when firms are looking to book a premier business hotel. Our high-end conference tables promise to be the defining element of a superb business meeting experience in your hotel.

When guests stay in a top-tier location, they notice everything from the staff to the room decor, from available amenities to the venue’s professional meeting and workspaces. This ultimately shapes their overall opinion of the hotel, and can make or break their experience during a business trip. At Vintage Industrial, we acknowledge that modern, trend-setting conference room tables top the list of priorities when designing workspaces and conference rooms. Today’s savvy business travelers are more socially conscious than ever – they gravitate toward environmentally- friendly furniture that leaves a smaller footprint and makes them feel better about their choices and their impact on the world around them. Our handmade furniture is manufactured in Phoenix, and for every tree we are responsible for cutting down, we plant ten more to significantly lessen the impact on our planet.

When making purchasing decisions for your hotel, why not choose beautiful, functional furniture that complements your venue’s overall aesthetic? They will capture the attention of the most discerning “C-Level” executives who conduct business at your hotel.

If you want to make a definitive statement with your hotel’s furniture, look no further than Vintage Industrial’s expansive collection of luxury conference room tables. Whichever tables you choose for your high-end hotel, we believe your guests will be pleased with their stay and that working professionals will recommend your hotel to their colleagues and friends. Contact Vintage Industrial to learn more about how our handcrafted furniture can enhance your hotel and its image.