Did you know that the number of business trips taken annually in the U.S. is 488 million? In fact, the number is only increasing. According to Global Business Travel Association since 2009, the number of business trips each year has gone up by 38%. At Vintage Industrial, we want you and your hotel to be the go-to venue when companies look to book a premier business hotel. Our high-end conference tables can be the defining aspect of a great business meeting experience in your hotel.

When staying in a hotel, we notice all aspects, from the staff to the room decor, from the amenities to the professional workspaces. This ultimately determines our overall opinion of the hotel and our experience during our business trips. Here at Vintage, we know that luxury conference room tables are at the forefront of priorities when conducting business at a hotel. We understand that hotel managers are under significant pressure to design their workspaces and conference rooms to leave a lasting impression. Why not have a beautiful conference table that can serve as a highly functional piece of art?

To win over professional clientele, furniture is the key to creating an effective work environment for your patrons. We can be your partner in building the right style and design to complement your hotel. From modern furniture to vintage furniture, our custom conference tables can capture the attention of even the highest-level executives from any company.

If you want to make a statement through your hotel’s furniture, look no further than our luxury conference room tables.  Our high-end conference tables are not only functional, but they allow you to set the tone of the business meeting. Having a place where business professionals can meet will allow your hotel to cater to business travelers’ needs. We believe your guests will be pleased with their stay and that working professionals will recommend your hotel to their colleagues.

Our craftsmanship has been appreciated by corporate giants like Budweiser, WWE, and ABC’s Agents of Sheild TV show. If your business has particular design requirements, we can customize a table for all your needs. We have a wide selection of high-quality conference room tables to choose from. Contact us to learn more about how our furniture can enhance your hotel.