Hure Desk2

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  • Veronika says:

    Hello. I am looking for a standing table for work.
    – What kind of wood did you use for this desk and can it be stained lighter?
    – What kind of base is it, and is this an aged/antiqued effect on the base?
    _ I see that it says that the height is 30″. Can you make the same desk at a height of 42″?
    – What is the price of the same desk measuring 96″x40″x42″ or 84×40″x42″?
    _ what would the price be if it were an adjustable height up to 42″?
    _ how long is your manufacturing process ‘ if I were to order now, could I expect to receive it within two weeks?
    _do you offer discounts for corporations?
    Thank you, Veronika

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