The Floyd design can be built in many configurations. We scale the base size to fit the top, and can build it with a riveted lattice design. It’s heavy enough to support a large round or rectangular top.

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Lattice Floyd Conference Table – Model #F6

Lattice Floyd with Oak top – Model #F4

Oval Top Floyd – Model #F2

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  • Kristin Yetto says:

    Love everything! My husband and I are building a home in Truckee. We are 8 months out for furniture. We plan on purchasing the lockers and zen bar chairs. Awesome stuff!
    And thank you for being on ebay.

  • Greg says:

    Congratulations on the new home Kristin. My wife and I just finished ours. Thank you, and you are welcome. Been using Ebay forever.

  • Risario says:

    Hi whom it may concern can Please send how much this tables cost in different size of table Thank you

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