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  • Bruce says:


  • Wes Davis says:

    Im looking to purchase a form of draft table for under 3,000 that will adjust by wheel crank with handle for height, and allow the top to tilt to a full 90 degree with additional L crank or lock by pin industrial hinge. I don’t mind waiting for a custom job. I plan to make a wood top myself, and would just need heavy steel or cast type base with supporting tabletop struts or other form of support to handle a 40Hx80L 2.5’W top. I could easily buy a table on the market for cheaper that will perform same function, but I enjoy the craftsmanship of having something unique in my space where I work. If interested, please e-mail me back. A simple triangle base with fulcrum point to flip style would be perfect. Look forward to hearing back.

  • Bob says:

    The problem so many people are having with desks in their standing position is their tendency to “teeter” if you lean on the front. This is particularly problematic with computer users who find leaning on their forearms on a pad helps their comfort level. It can also help keep your spine straighter. It also alleviates some of the pressure on the feet and knees. When you use a monitor with a less than sturdy base (which many come with these days) its so evident as the monitor moves when you shift position slightly. The answer is for the desk to have 4 posts instead of 2 and have them spaced as far apart as possible so when I lean down on the front of the desk there’s no leverage pushing it down. The ability to lock the posts when in a standing position might help as well. This company uses a crank with a threaded pillar so that might help but still there’s going to be some rocking I would think without a locking mechanism preventing it.

    I wonder if a pulley system would work better. You pull it up to the desired height then insert pegs on each of the 4 columns and lower it on to the pegs. Now it can’t move at all. Pulleys would be fast though inserting and removing the pegs would be a big hassle. Not easy to design for everyone!

  • Greg says:

    Yes sit stand desks almost always are wobbly. If you look again, our Crank tables and desks have 4 posts to eliminate that. 2 either 3 ton rated screws and the other 2 are telescoping posts that lock to make it rock solid. The first model only had the screws and we later added the posts. Our 5 ton screws which are on the Bronx and Train tables don’t need the posts.

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