Some of you may have heard that I do not like Trump. In fact I really don’t like him. He reminds me of my Father who died 2 days ago. My Dad would talk about himself mostly, and all the wonderful things he has done. He was his favorite subject, and an abusive alcoholic who was very difficult to be around. I thought that was normal, turns out he was a narcissistic ego-maniac. So I have posted some things on social media over the years showing my dislike for Trump, and I have gotten some strong reactions. I did this yesterday, and I was met with death threats, some lady wanting our shop looted, many people wanting my business destroyed, was called a communist, and that was only reading 40 or so of the 100s of comments. There were lots of people supporting and feeling the same way, many in private as coming out in public is outright dangerous.

So I tried to talk to my wife about this, and she got angry and upset. She is fearful of these people, there is no telling what they will do. She’s lived with some terrible racism all her life. We’re both minorities along with most of our employees, but I look a lot whiter than her and my experience has been very different. So I pulled the posts off social media. Many said I needed to do so as it would destroy my business, but that’s not the case. We have almost 100 inquiries that have gone unanswered as we are really too busy to field them all. We have WAY too much business, more than we can handle.

Now some perspective, we’ve sold to companies and individuals that don’t agree with our agenda, or political views. Hey some probably hated Obama. That is their right, and who am I to judge. We all have our beliefs shaped by our past. But I have found that disagreeing with the conservatives or Trump publicly causes utter chaos including death threats. Now why is that? Isn’t this a free country? Does free speech only go one way? Support the president (not Obama) or leave? Aren’t conservatives aware that Jesus was a protestor who was for the poor and underrepresented? The lady hoping we got looted and that gave us a 1 star rating on Google for no reason was talking ill about Obama on her Youtube channel. Hmm, isn’t she a fucking hypocrite? Na, it’s ok to put Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan down but disrespect Trump and you and your business should be destroyed. After all, Trump has been the most respectful honest loving president since Abraham Lincoln. And thank god he’s brought the country together. I feel the unity, as our cities burn, and the virus goes for a second round.

I have discovered there is no “converting” a Trump fan, and why should I? It’s not my job to do this, nor should they try to convert me. So I am putting this out there, I don’t like Trump, don’t trust him at all. I don’t trust any politician who has taken money from the lobbyists. Power & greed corrupts. Our system is broken, it favors the rich. The more money I made in the business, the less taxes I paid. Now most years I pay zero, sounds fair right? It’s all about who you know. Pay the right lawyers and CPAs or officials, and get more for yourself. And I have a former IRS commissioner and Senators working for that tax credit of ours. If I get audited, they pop in and fix it. That is how things work. And it’s not just here in the USA, but everywhere that humans are.

So I will turn off comments for this post. Not looking for a pat on the back, sympathy, or more vile hatred. And thanks to those that have been supportive through all of this. The love has been amazing. After all, we are all motivated by the same thing, the need to love and feel loved. And Trump needs a hug.