May Sale

Our April sale went so well we decided to extend it into May. Most customers that bought tables last month had been eyeing our stuff for years and the sale made it so they could afford the piece!  You can read more about it here > SALE

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory show is winding down and coming to a historic end. We were so proud to have been a part of the Comic Book Store set for 3 seasons now. I asked to get the pieces back when they were done with the show, but there might be plans in the works. Rumor has it the Comic Book Store might be moved to the Smithsonian Institute for all to see. That would be MUCH better in my opinion!

Photo of Sheldon and Neil Gaiman standing in front of our Train Table. Our entire team signed the bottom of the wood top.

Stainless Steel Bases

We’ve been chroming our bases for a while now. Recently, we opted to stop chroming and switched to making them out of stainless steel and polishing them. This resulted in a superior product for about the same cost. So far we’ve built a Hure Crank and Bronx Crank table out of stainless. Here’s the Bronx:

The top was made out of Ash and has a medium stain. It looks pretty sharp, but my personal preference would be a black lacquered top like the one below:

Gaming Tables

We’re chugging along working on pool table, shuffleboard table, and poker table designs. We’re working with a FEW different established gaming table manufacturers to offer these unique pieces. You can see some pics below, and our growing gallery here: Gaming Tables

Oak To Ash

For the most part, we’ve stopped using oak for table tops. While it’s a well known beautiful wood, we’ve found it to have problems with climate changes which makes it prone to cracking and splitting down the road. We believe that’s mainly due to it’s open grain. So we experimented with some different lighter hardwoods and found Ash to be a suitable replacement for it. In my opinion, it has a better grain pattern, and it’s easier to work with keeping the cost down. Here’s some recent work with Ash:

Edge Grain Top

We had a client ask us to build a special top for their table base. He wanted a 12′ x 4′ edge grain walnut top. It ended up using 350 board feet of walnut and weighed in at 434 lbs finished. It was a lot of mill work and sanding to get it perfect. After it was done, we put it on a base we had in stock, and here’s some pictures and video: