The holidays are that one time of the year when we take some time to treasure what’s truly important in our lives. Whether it’s for several hours, a few days or even the month of December, we set aside political, cultural and religious differences to celebrate this joyous season with friends, families, and co-workers.  

A hallmark of the holidays is congregating together to entertain guests, a chance to allow good music, beverages and cheer to flow freely. This year, establish a new holiday tradition when you make Vintage Industrial’s Boxcar II Console the centerpiece of your holiday gatherings. Its functional yet elegant look is based on our popular Boxcar Ellis design. We simplified the design, using thinner material to maximize its value. The Boxcar II Console weighs around half of the original unit and while its size is not customizable, it’s contemporary, industrial look is sure to inspire your guests.  

The Boxcar II Console is part of Vintage Industrial’s varied collection of luxury furniture. All of our designs are made in America (we steadfastly refuse to manufacture abroad to cut costs) and each piece is meticulously hand-crafted, using a blend of old world artistry and modern technology. Our unique custom tailoring seamlessly harmonizes with the personal needs of individual owners and businesses. Our team has more than 125 years of metal work and 100 years of woodworking experience and we are socially and environmentally conscious: we plant at least ten trees for every tree we are responsible for cutting down to make our products.

Contact us to learn more about our Boxcar II Console and our entire product line. Happy holidays from Vintage industrial.