Trivia contest started (11/11/17)!

Win prizes from us and the grand prize, a one of a kind Large Ellis console valued at $7,295.

Quick Rules:

We’ll post trivia questions on Facebook every 3 days, and the one who guesses correctly on the Facebook post wins a prize from us, like a VI shirt. Then on 11/30 we draw a winner out of the pool of previous winners and they get a special signed Large Ellis console valued at $7,295 with shipping. (Full Contest Rules)

Trivia Questions:

  1. How much money did the Fox Network want to do a story on Vintage Industrial? (began 11/8 @12PM, ends 1/9 at 12PM) ANSWER: So Fox called me telling me they wanted to do a story on us on their business channel. After a long conversation, the lady told me they needed a small fee of $49,000 to cover their crew expenses. We would have 3-5 minutes of airtime. I said NO!
  2. What is the single best piece of business advice Sim and Greg ever received? (began 11/11 @9AM, ends 11/12 @9AM) TRUST BUT VERIFY. Sim and I learned this from one of our clients who is an ex-Navy Seal, and owns a security company. Humans, who we love most of the time, aren’t always working at 100% or being honest, doing things correctly, or have good intentions. So it’s good to TRUST people, but you must on occasion VERIFY what they are doing, or what they did. Nobody is honest 100% of the time, especially with themselves.
  3. Sim, VI co-owner and Greg’s wife, spent time in a refugee camp when she was a child. What country was the camp in? (Began 11/14 at 3pm, ended 11/15 at 3pm) ANSWER: Sim was in a Thai refuge camp for over a year when she was 3 or 4 years old. She called it a concentration camp though. They didn’t feed her family or provide water. Her family had a little bit of money, and 9 people living in a shelter. They hired somebody to dig a well in the shelter getting them water, and her Mom was allowed to leave the camp since she was a woman, and not deemed a threat. She bought opium from somebody and smuggled it across the border, and then sold it on the black market. I think she said she made 500 or 1000 baht each time. When she crossed the border into Laos, they’d search her basket. She would put fermented bamboo in the basket on top which smelled terrible. They’d open the basket and get disgusted then let her pass. Yes Sim and her family have had some incredible life stories and struggles!
  4. When Sim was 16, what was her primary resource for dinner?
    (A) Her parents provided
    (B) McDonalds
    (C) The Food shelter
    (D) None of the above _______THE ANSWER IS C! When Sim was 16, her Mom, Brother and Sister moved from subsidized housing, into a cheaper apartment. A few months later Mom disappeared without telling anybody where she was going. Sim ended up having to provide for her younger brother and older sister. This included paying rent, utilities, food, etc. Her friend Kayla would routinely drive her down to the food shelter where they both would stand in line. Kayla would get food and give her portion to Sim. My wife Sim is pretty tiny, 5 feet tall on a good day. Most think it’s genetic, but she’s been malnourished from the age of 3 or 4 up until she was a late teen. And she is very private with her story, and rarely speaks of this. I find it all amazing and I am so proud of her, and what she’s overcome to get to where she is. And it’s great that she let me share this with you. GRATZ TO OUR LONGTIME FAN Jeremiah Bowers for answering correctly, and being randomly picked!! (Began 11/20 at 9AM, ends 11/21 9AM)
  5. What did Greg or Sim do for work before Vintage Industrial? ANSWER: Greg was working in investment banking with his father, then moved to tech support, then on to website building. Sim started work when she was 5 or so as a chicken slayer. I joke about it, but she worked summers with the family processing chickens and selling them out of the family Buick to the neighborhood. She also worked at a Danish pastry shop, then Rainbow Chinese restaurant, then eventually a hairstylist working in London and NYC, and for Juut. She worked for Greg’s family business for a little bit, then founded a wedding dress company, and now she’s our CEO. (Began 11/27 at 4PM, ended 11/28 at 4PM)
  6. Which of the following happened over the last 8 years at Vintage Industrial?
    A) Greg got a call from Alec Baldwin and he placed an order.
    B) We had several floods, a killer bee swarm, and a micro burst tear our roof off in the span of a year.
    C) We had to take a week off work to help spring Dad after his family put him in the looney bin.
    D) An employee admitted, on their last day, that it would make them happy to see us suffer.
    E) All of the above.

    F) None of the above. ANSWER: So the answer is E! It’s been a very interesting ride building this business up. It seems the universe has been testing us lately. But we’ve rounded the corner, and things are looking bright! Oh, and Alec bought a shelf for his new apartment a while back. He gave us a great testimonial too. Nice guy! (Began 11/30, ended 12/1 at 6:30PM)

  7. How much does the Grand Prize console weigh? Answer was 363. (Began 12/11, ended 12/12 at 9:AM)
  8. What type of customer do we get more of, residential (homeowners) or commercial (designer, architect, etc)? Began 1/18, ends 1/19 at 8:30am (last one before Grand Prize giveaway!)
  9. 1/19 We pick a winner for the Grand Prize!

Full Contest Rules:

  1. We’ll post trivia questions on Facebook every 3 days, and the one who guesses correctly (on our Facebook post) wins a prize from us, like a shirt. The question is open to answer for 24 hours.
  2. If more than one person answers correctly, we’ll draw one randomly.
  3. If no one answer correctly, the closest wins.
  4. You can win the small prize more than once to increase your chances.
  5. Winner needs to fill out a form with contact info and some demographic questions so we can get to know you a little and ship out your prize.
  6. Then on 11/30 we draw a winner out of the pool of previous winners.
  7. Employee and and people with insider knowledge are not eligible.
  8. Contest ends 11/30 after we draw a name. VI will pay for shipping in the continental US.

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