We rarely have sales, now may be your chance to get a deal on a VI table. We have 8 tables on sale starting today which is 7/18. Visit our sale page to view them. First come, first served.  Prices marked down up to 50% off while supplies last!

Also we have roughly 2500 BF of various hardwood cutoffs mostly in 8/4 thickness. This is premium lumber with lengths ranging mostly from 1′ to 4′, and some going up to 20′ in length. We are also sell a bunch of scratch and dent hardwood tops in various sizes and material. Details are below:


**** SALE ON 7/21 AND 7/22 ONLY / 8AM TO 12 NOON BOTH DAYS ****

We have approximately 2500 board feet of 8/4 kiln dried aged hardwood lumber cutoffs. We are a furniture manufacturer in downtown Phoenix and are selling at cost! We get bulk deals so these prices will be lower than the lumber stores. Cutoffs range from 1′ to 4′ typically and would be perfect for smaller projects. We do have some longer 10′ to 14’ers too. Will be selling by the piece/BF or at a discount for all of it. We’ll also have various table tops for sale!


We will not accept any walk ins other than on the sale dates and times! First come, first served.

Vintage Industrial
1301 E Jackson St
Phoenix, AZ 85034

Species & Pricing (mostly 8/4):
Walnut $7 per board foot (1000 BF available)
Beech $3 per board foot (300 BF available)
Oak $5 per board foot (227 BF available)
Mahogany $4 per board foot (221 BF available)
Reclaimed maple & oak boxcar (1.25″ to 1.5″ thick) $8 per board foot (625 BF available @$8/BF / 2000 BF available at $10/BF in 20′ lengths)
Hickory $4 per board foot (38 BF available)
Cherry $3 per board foot (56 BF available)