Things don’t always go right. Sometimes we make mistakes with clients. When making custom furniture, you never know what will happen. Well we made a table for Mellow Mushroom, and guess what? The finish started peeling off right after they got it. We were puzzled as that had never happened before. So we carefully built and shipped out another table on the house and guess what happened? Yes, the finish started peeling off again! For that to happen twice in a row was quite puzzling. So we did some testing over a few months and figured out what was going on. They just received a third table. And yes, making mistakes like this cost us thousands of dollars. But, we learned how not to finish a table! So I’d like to thank Mellow Mushroom again for their extreme patience! Please visit them the next time you get a chance as their pizza is fantastic! There website is right here:


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  • David Loredo says:

    Hi, just out of curiosity… what was the cause for the finish peeling? I just started working in the industrial furniture business as a designer/fabricator. I’d like to know so I could avoid making the same mistake if possible.

  • Greg says:

    There are a lot of reason why a finish won’t stick on steel. Faulty prep is the main reason.