2015 was a very interesting year for us. We spent a lot of it improving and streamlining processes. And we acquired some new big equipment which allow us to do even more. We’ve been talking about it for years, but now were working on our first showroom. It should be open next month…


Anyways, here’s some things we made in the last month.

Below is a pair of custom console we built to spec for a client. The bases are steel with our black patina finish, and the top is quarter sawn oak.

Here’s an example of some custom work we recently finished. Our client specced a vintage pallet cart for a coffee table. The issue was the size and height were not standard. So we took a vintage cart and rebuilt the wood to fit. The hardware was cleaned up and clear coated. We also pinned the wheels so it would stay put. You can see the before and after pictures are quite dramatic. We made an extra for ourselves if you’re interested in it.

IndustriaLux conference table with a beech top

Custom sign for a local company