We are super excited to announce that a few of our designs are going to be on one of our favorite shows, The Big Bang Theory. And what better piece for the show than the Train table, especially with Sheldon’s train infatuation. This would be the second TV set we’ve worked on, the first being Marvel’s Agents of Shield. This was a rush job (just like Marvel) to make it on the last half of the season. We were told you can expect to see our stuff in the comic book store on 1/14 and 2/4. It burnt down on the Season 7 finale and after being rebuilt, was in dire need of some new furniture.  Especially since a bunch of it was borrowed from Howard’s Mother’s house.

So we have no idea what to expect on these two episodes. And with 17 million people watching, and it being the number one sitcom out, who knows what could happen? But I am super proud of our team working hard to get these pieces done on time and done right.

Furniture on the Show:

  1. Train Table
  2. Ellis Sideboard with Hutch
  3. Hure Coffee table

Pictures of the Train Table before we shipped it out:

And here’s photos of our our stuff on the show:

And an article from Instyle about it: https://www.instyle.com/news/big-bang-theory-vintage-industrial-furniture

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