We were contacted by ABC studios in January. They needed a 12′ conference table in a week for an upcoming shoot. We rushed a Hure table through production and got it there on time. A few months later it made it’s first appearance on Marvel’s Agents of Shield! They used it on their flying aircraft carrier in the situation room. “The Real Shield” was overrun by Hydra and the table was flipped over and used as a bullet shield by Agent Gonzales, played by Edward James Olmos. The table gets broken in half in that scene, well not really, it just looked that way. We then shipped them out a steel top to replace it. Coulson, played by Clark Gregg, and Agent Hartley aka Lucy Lawless, make appearances with the table too.  Hoping Thor joins!

Here’s a great clip: LINK

I’ve been a Marvel fan since I was a kid. Also been following this show since the beginning, so it’s an honor to work with them! You can watch the show on ABC. Season 2 just ended so you’ll need to wait for 3.

Shield Olmos 3

Our table saved Agent Gonzales, but not the dead guy behind the table. Notice his boot sticking out from behind it?


Shield Olmos with gun

Saved by a table!

Shield tossing dude across table

A Hydra agent gets tossed onto the table and slides off.

Shield Olmos and Colson

Agent Coulson chats with Agent Gonzales. The real Shield meets shield.

Shield Lanyard

THE Lanyard sitting on our table top!

Some promo shots…


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  • Janine Ridenour says:

    I an crazy about your designs. Doubt i will ever be able to afford it but its fun to look! Oh and BTW, the actress in the Marvel AofS pictures is not Lucy Lawless. I wish it were, the killed her character off way too soon. The actress is Adrianne Palicki.

    Regards, JR

  • Greg says:

    Thanks Janine, we appreciate it! Yes I didn’t post a picture of her, but she’s in it. Just didn’t have the best picture.
    Lucy Lawless

  • Bipul Roy says:

    wow,I an crazy about your designs. I will ever be able to afford it but its fun to look!