All week I get asked all kinds of questions from people wanting to, or just starting up businesses. So I’m opening up a public forum for just this thing! We’ve found some fantastic mentors along our way, and this seems like the natural way to pay it forward.

Here’s how it’ll go:

I won’t answer questions on technique, or ones that compete directly with Vintage Industrial.

Ask away on everything else!

Do let me know what you do for a living.

I’ll post the questions and answers on our blog. When? Check back to find out.

Do I know everything? Hell no! The more I learn, the more I realize the less I know. Am I successful? That depends on your measure of success. Do I feel fulfilled by what I do? Absolutely! Is this Mentoring Program an ego trip? Maybe, maybe not. Why am I doing this? Because people are asking me, and it feels right! And without the guidance I got, who knows where I’d be?

Comment below with your questions, or send questions to [email protected].

– Greg

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  • p.stratton says:

    So I have been in business with a friend for approx one year making art and now some small furniture out of reclaimed wood. I am a carpenter by trade but went to work for the fire dept. about 8 years ago. In that time I have truly missed working with wood so I decided to start playing around in my 16×20 shed. Fast forward a year and I have a partner that is an artist by trade and a wood shop (same shed) which we are quickly out growing. Which leads me to my question(s)….
    At what point should we seriously consider leasing a space that allows us more room and possibly a small showroom area?
    I feel as if we had those things we would be taking a huge step and risk to stay a float however we would also be more efficient at our work. As well as potentially have an area to put things out to show/sell.
    Where did you start? How have you made the steps to grow your business?
    Any incite you can give would be great!! Thanks!!