The Hure Crank Table


Walnut Top Hure

With Riveted Trim


Aged Red Hure

Our Most Popular Design

People ask us where we find these table bases? We make them from scratch and have 10+ original base designs to choose from! And we get asked, “what does Hure mean”? Well we’ve been fascinated with the repurposing of old machine bases into furniture for some time. While researching this, we stumbled across one in Paris made by P. Hure. It had an elegance that most others lacked. And Hure was one of the few that actually signed his work. His company made lathes and milling machines from the late 1800s to the 1940s. Some are still in service today. So we named our base after him.

Why did Hure build a beautiful base on a piece of machinery that didn’t really need it? Why the heck not?!! If you were operating a machine all day long, wouldn’t it help if it was pleasing to the eye? Craftsmen, in that era, put their heart and soul into what they made. Their drive wasn’t profit margins.  So we adopted a similar credo. Steve jobs said it best, “the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Our classic Hure design with adjustable height capability. This table uses four 3-ton crank mechanisms to adjust from 30” dining to 42” bar height.

Hure base with a different style. Hollywood Regency meets Industrial, but we call it IndustriaLux! It has a porcelain white finish with solid brass accents. Available in any color, including black!

Hure Boardroom Table with a massive 24′ x 5′ worn oak top, and 12 data and power ports. The 1400 lbs top separates into 3 tables to make it multifunctional.

Walnut top Hure bar table, built for a restaurant, with our Wright chairs.

Hure Coffee Table with our worn oak top