In addition to building tables & desks, we also sell our bases separately. These are all built to order to fit your top. Prices are estimated and can vary depending on your top choice and size.

New Crank Table Base Design – $10,500 estimated 

This new crank table is almost finished! It’ll feature two massive 5 ton screw mechanisms that support and adjust the top height (30″ to 45″), as well as two 12″ cast iron crank handles. The base has 200+ rivets and bolts and is made from extra heavy duty gauge steel.  It has an aged red finish and will have a cherry wood top with metal trim. Contact us for more info, or check back for finished pics and specs.

Hure Base – $3200

I have a love for the old cast iron bases made from the late 1800s to the 1940s. A French machinist named P. Hure built many different lathes and milling machines that stood on them. They are rare and very hard to find, especially in America, so I built this base as a tribute to him. It’s built with 1/4″ thick steel which is the heaviest gauge we’ve used to date. And the large connecting screw has a 2″ diameter with a 3″ nut that holds the two bases together. It’s massive and curvy lines blend well to support the top of your choice. As always, this piece can be customized to suit your needs.