Here are some of our happy customers/clients. Please contact me if you would like to be added to this list. I’d love to hear what you have to say as well as see some photos!


“I am very happy I stumbled upon the website for Greg Hankerson & Vintage Industrial, LLC.  I love the piece Greg did for my New York apartment and I recommend him to anyone for his craftsmanship.”
– Alec Baldwin, Oct. 2012

Screen shot 2012-03-16 at 8.14.00 PM.png

Greg helps to steer the entire process toward a beautiful and authentic result. He shares his vision for the patinas and finishes which would give the best look and feel for a particular piece. As he develops his new concepts for furniture pieces it’s clear he has what it takes to bring that “certain something” to the table. I would recommend Greg’s shop for metal and wood fabrication at any opportunity.


Infuse Elements

Lamb & Flag Project


Happy New Year!! Just wanted to send a note after we have placed Islands in a working situation.

1. They are beautiful and always garner excited design comments. The wife loves them(important).

2. They are working in great efficient manner. Tons of storage, easy access, good flow in the kitchen etc. Really working well with professional cooking standards.

3. Sturdy so far. The right height. A little taller than typical counter tops.

We are thrilled. Happy to help in any way. Hope business is still moving upward.

I will make a point of sending pics.



Super frickin’ cool! Thanks so much!
Installing TV in front tonight! Shooting tomorrow night!
We’ll have some pics of set (before table) on the facebook page tonight!
Check it out.

You da man!

The Moto Show

Link to the Video:

It is up and looking great. Was very easy to set up and was exactly what the display called for. Thank you so much again!! The windows are being professionally shot on April 6th and we will send on the images to you at that time!

Take care,


Ralph Lauren

photo (33).JPG

One word ” PERFECT”. Fit, style, craftmanship, very impressed,very happy, truly works of art ! My husband is seldom moved by my purchases.” Nicest things we own” ( now really shared with you) We will send pictures.
Thank you,


Hi Greg,
sorry it took me so long to send you the pictures, but here they are! Thanks so much for making our table, we enjoy it everyday!



This customer is a photographer in NYC –>

We love our side tables! They are exactly what we needed to finish our bedroom! You were great to work with, and we could tell you put a lot of hard work and effort into making the tables. Thanks again! Hope to work with you again soon!

Steve and Dee Dee