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The Bronx Table

Our flagship table available
in virtually any size or color

Custom Kitchen Island

Handmade in America

Built to last generations

The I Beam Table

Need a large custom table?

Aged orange vintage industrial gear

Large Wooden Gear

Mudroom Locker 2

Country Club Locker

IndustriaLux Walnut and Brass

IndustriaLux Table

Walnut Hure Conference Table

Hure Table

Hill Bronx Reclaimed Boxcar Oak Top

Bronx Table

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Aged Red Conference Table 5

Newly Finished Designs…

| Blog | No Comments
Aged Red I BeamConference Table 1 1 Pictured above is the first painted I Beam table we've made. It's aged red like our Bronx table. The big walnut top is 168" long...

From the Backyard to Opening up a Big Shop

| Blog | 2 Comments

My wife and I started this business in the backyard 5 years ago this month. We were greenhorns back then and had to learn many lessons the hard way. So…

Wilbur Firehouse Island 3

Vintage Industrial Kitchen Island

| Blog, dining table, kitchen island | No Comments
Custom Firehouse Kitchen Island Here's a good example of the kind of custom work we do. Our client, who happens to be a chef, loved our Firehouse table and wanted a...
A Frame Arne Kathy Kuo Home Knockoff

The Big Business of Knockoff Designs

| Blog | 2 Comments

(Edited – two hours after I posted this on our site, and Facebook, they pulled the product off her site)  (I decided to remove their name because they co-operated)   Seems…