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Bronx Table

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Panel Closeup

Antique Architectural Lattice Panels

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We have 22 lattice work panels up for sale. These were removed from the original Barnes and Noble building in NY and were part of the elevator cage. The lattice work…


Does Suffering Make an Artist Great?

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The road I’ve been on has been a bumpy one over the last 5 years. At times it seems surreal. I often get asked where I went to school for…

Aged Red Conference Table 5

Newly Finished Designs…

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Aged Red I BeamConference Table 1 1 Pictured above is the first painted I Beam table we've made. It's aged red like our Bronx table. The big walnut top is 168" long...

From the Backyard to Opening up a Big Shop

| Blog | 2 Comments

My wife and I started this business in the backyard 5 years ago this month. We were greenhorns back then and had to learn many lessons the hard way. So…